I ordered a parking pass, where do I pick that up?

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VIP parking passes should arrive with your VIP wristbands (one parking pass per order).  On site and off site parking passes that were ordered in advance will arrive in the mail in an order separate from your wristbands.

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    I paid $72 for parking, only for the post office to not deliver it. After 2 emails I convinced someone to transfer to will-call. There were no instructions for how to get to will-call and I thought this would be easy like everywhere else. I even called the Frontgate tickets help line and was assured I could park in the north lot. But after run-around at intersections and both lots, with cops yelling at me, it turns out there is no legal parking for will-call!! 1.5 hours later I am illegally parked at a mapco while I try claim my parking pass. I hope I don’t get towed. Getting in last year was hard too for a different reason, and this is likely my last year here. This was once my favorite festival. 😔

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    I still have not received my parking pass.  I have e-mailed twice and gotten no response.

    When will I get my pass?  Or is there someone I can talk to...in person.

    The communication system (only e-mail and no phone # to call) for the festival is really 


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    I received our parking pass yesterday. Last week I reached out and they said they ship this week.

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